Ten years earlier, when her mother died, Olivia Alcott was spirited away to her grandfather's home to keep her out of the clutches of her uncle. Now, with a new name, Livvy Drummond takes care of her grandfather and the St. Brigid's Lighthouse. Her life is enjoyable but quiet until one night a man in prison garb comes calling with a knife. When he collapses at her feet, she and her grandfather aid the wounded man.

Ex-West Point cadet, Gabriel Hampton is serving time aboard a prison ship for treason. After he is shot for attacking a guard, Gabe is left to die on deck. He uses what strength he has to overpower the guard and escape. He arrives on shore with no idea as to where he is but a distant light draws him to the lighthouse and a beautiful angel.

Their time together blooms into love. But Gabe plans to leave. He can't marry Livvy until he proves his innocence. Before he leaves, his nemesis finds him. Gabe stops the man from raping Livvy and agrees to return as his prisoner to guarantee Livvy's safety. Livvy's love for Gabe sends her back to Savannah to request aid from the uncle she fled from years before.

Thomason's historical shows the emotions of that era are to the point and help motivate the characters in this tale of love. SENSUAL (May, 228 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith