Amelia Prescott is in Deadwood to find her brother, Parker, and convince him to come home to their ailing father in New York. Morgan, the Prescott's trusted employee, travels with Amelia, acting as her protector. But no one can protect Amelia from Gabriel Hatch a dashing rogue, traveling with Mattie Smith, Deadwood's brothel owner.

Gabe, a gambler trying to escape his past, is Parker's partner in a gold mine. Amelia despises Gabe and blames him for Parker's downfall.

Amelia gives Parker an ultimatum; strike it rich in six months or come home. Amelia has to learn to cook, clean and survive in the West with Gabe as her teacher.She can't deny that Gabe's kisses melt her icy demeanor and her resolve to stay away from him weakens.

After tragedy strikes, Amelia begins to understand Parker and Gabe's love affair with the West and, with Gabe's love, she learns to find the happiness she has always dreamed of.

Wonderful, poignant characters, a well-written plot and a special romance will enchant readers seeking a story that portrays the harsh West in all is glory. SENSUAL (Oct., 340 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner