Image of Gabriel's Lady (Leisure Historical Romance)


Image of Gabriel's Lady (Leisure Historical Romance)

This slice of Americana is brimming
with action, adventure and characters readers will quickly come to care about, especially the strong and
unique heroine. It's both a sweet
and engaging romance and an
inspirational tale about faith and
being true to yourself.

Gabriel Getty has always felt a kinship with Solace Monroe, even though he's 10 years older. Even at his wedding, it's Solace in whom he confides his mixed feelings. Six years later, Gabriel's wife has died, his legal career is on hold and he's uncertain about his faith. He returns to his childhood home, where Solace is also visiting.

Solace is now the author of dime novels, a horse trainer and a rider in a wild-west show. She declares her love for Gabriel, but he's cautious. When she's framed for murder, Gabriel will need his strength, faith and legal skills to clear Solace, so that he can declare his love for her. (LEISURE, May, 336 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers