Readers of Robin Schones The Lover could never forget Gabriel, a blonde Adonis with secrets darker than the blackest night; a man so tormented by his past that he has not allowed anyone to touch his body or his heart for more than a decade.

Then a desperate and destitute woman, Victoria Childers, decides to auction off her only possession: her virginity. Gabriel is compelled to buy her innocence, not intending to actually take it. He knows that she has been maneuvered into these circumstances by his enemy the one known only as the second man.

Locked in this intricate and complicated dance, manipulated by a vicious grandmaster of ruthlessness, Gabriel and Victoria discover a great passion, a palpable sexual hunger and the means to flush out the man whose memory torments Gabriel. Once and for all, he has a chance to find redemption in the arms of a woman whose love knows no bounds.

Darker and more sexually charged than The Lover, GABRIELS WOMAN opens a door into a tormented heros mind and heart as he wrestles with the past, his need for love and his sexuality. It is also a masterful exploration of a womans needs and the triumph of love over evil. Only a master could create this kind of erotic and emotionally powerful work. EROTIC (Sep., 400 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin