Image of Galaxy Blues


Image of Galaxy Blues

From the very first page this is a great story -- you'll love traveling with Jules. His dauntless charm and awkward diplomacy draws readers along. The characters are all engaging, and the storyline is full of action and all the allure of intergalactic travel. This is an excellent and compelling story.

A little courage and a lot of ingenuity can take you pretty far: 46 light years if you are Jules Truffaut. Expelled from the Union Astronautica, and with his passport revoked, Truffaut is desperate to get off Earth. He stows away aboard the spaceship Robert E. Lee, planning to defect. When he's discovered, he steals a lifeboat pod and pilots himself to the planet of Coyote.

Fortune alternately frowns and smiles on the intrepid young space pilot. He's hired to crew on the first trade venture between humans and the hjadd, the enigmatic aliens whom only a few people have ever seen. All Jules wants is to stay out of jail and pilot a ship between the stars, but first he must learn to pilot a tricky path between his wealthy and shady boss, the easily offended hjadd and the girl he's starting to love. Will the trade venture be a success? (ACE, Apr., 322 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
S.L. Rosania