The fresh talent of Martha Kirkland bursts into bloom in Zebra's Regency gardens with a sparkling tale of love in the country.

The Gillmore heir is coming to visit at last. But no one expects the young Army officer to be accompanied by an older half-brother whose own words proclaim him to be a notorious gambler.

Mr. Zachery Camden has more than one good reason for not revealing his true circumstances, but the most important one is his surprising attraction to Miss Judith Preston, step-niece to the irascible old lord. Not for him are the coils of wedlock, and Miss Preston would never, ever wed a man who lives on the chance.

Judith, however, will do whatever is necessary to prevent her sister's forced marriage to young Gillmore. But foiling her uncle's selfish scheme will take help-Zachery's help at that.

Ms. Kirkland's vibrant characters, especially her wonderful hero, win our hearts with ease in this more than pleasing Regency romance. (Jun., 192 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer