Image of Gallant Match


Image of Gallant Match

An honor-bound Kentuckian and a strong-willed French Creole woman burst off the pages of Blake's new Master at Arms story. The sexually charged chemistry between two strong protagonists, danger and an overview of New Orleans and Mexico make this a fantastic and deeply touching love story.

American sword master Kerr Wallace has earned the right to be called maitre d'armes. He vows to use his skills to avenge his brother's death at the hands of the elusive Pierre Rouillard. When Rouillard, now living in Mexico, requests that his betrothed be brought to him, Kerr is hired to escort Mademoiselle Sonia Bonneval to Vera Cruz.

Sonia has no desire for the arranged marriage and does everything she can to avoid it, but Kerr has vowed to bring her unharmed and chaste to her husband-to-be, despite his growing desire for her. Sonia becomes a worthy companion to him as they face dangers on their journey. They face something more life-threatening when they reach Vera Cruz: Rouillard, and the one question he's sure to ask. Kerr will do his utmost to protect the woman he's come to love, even if he has to give up his quest for vengeance. (MIRA, Feb., 416 pp., $6,99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond