At Georgina (Georgie) Newbury's father's death, she learns he was a blackmailer. Appalled at her discovery, she wonders what he did with the money, since Georgie and her sister are left at the mercy of a cousin she dislikes.

She comes up with a plan. Georgie intends to blackmail Lord Winterdale, one of the gentlemen on her father's list, into presenting her along with his daughter for the season.

But the earl is dead and in his place is a young new Lord Winterdale, who, for reasons unknown, goes along with her scheme. He and his aunt, Lady Winterdale, present Georgie and his cousin Catherine to the ton, with the object being matrimony.

But the best plans go awry. Someone is out to kill Georgie and rumor has it that it is Winterdale. She knows in her heart of hearts that he is not the culprit, but who is? Does she really know this mysterious man she loves?

Ms. Wolf brings the reader another engrossing tale filled with engaging characters to hold your imagination captive. There is suspense, humor, poignancy and a very clever plot to entice you, and only an author of Ms. Wolf's talents could combine all this and more to charm readers time and again. SENSUAL (May, 354 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond