Image of The Gamble (Zebra Historical Romance)


Image of The Gamble (Zebra Historical Romance)

Lovely, na ve Sabrina Lindsey learns that everything in life is a gamble when she chooses to go to Bath rather than marry the suitor her Calvinist cousin has chosen for her. True she has been rebellious-dressing as a man and sneaking out at night-but nothing so terrible to warrant this punishment.

But before Sabrina can reach Bath, her coach is set upon by the infamous highwayman known as "Black Jack Law," and Sabrina believes she has come upon the perfect scheme to rescue her brother from her greedy guardian's hands: have Black Jack kidnap him.

Sabrina has no idea that her highwayman is none other than Jack Laughton, the Viscount Darlington, masquerading as the outlaw for one night. Now they are caught up in a gambit that will twist itself around their lives like a noose around a condemned man's neck.

When Sabrina meets Jack in Bath she has no idea he is her mystery man, but she strikes a deal with him. Teach her to gamble (and cheat) and she'll be his for one night. Jack is no fool, but he is enraptured and agrees to her preposterous proposal.

From here Jack finds himself caught in her plot to free Jack Law from prison, trek through the wilds of Scotland to locate her brother and then end up in jail accused of being the infamous highwayman.

You won't be taking a gamble when you pick up Laura Parker's latest titillating romance. Skillfully plotted, peopled with an intriguing cast of characters and evoking the era with a sure hand, THE GAMBLE is a sure bet to satisfy readers. SENSUAL (May, 408 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin