Image of The Gamble (Colorado Mountain)


Image of The Gamble (Colorado Mountain)

When you pick up an Ashley book, you know you’re in for plenty of gut-punching emotion, elaborate family drama and sizzling sex, and that’s exactly what readers get in the first installment of the Colorado Mountain series. Readers also get their money’s worth in length since Ashley doesn’t write short. Ashley is on a roll!

Nina Sheridan is conflicted about her engagement and wants some distance from her fiancé while she evaluates their relationship, so she flies from England to Gnaw Bone, Colo., to retreat to a rental cabin. But there’s a mix-up and the cabin’s owner, Holden “Max” Maxwell, is staying there. Max wants nothing to do with his unexpected guest, but when she becomes ill and the weather gets nasty, Max has little choice but to nurse her back to health. Although Max can be arrogant and a little domineering, he’s also caring, which is more than Nina can say about her fiancé. Life has suddenly given Nina a new opportunity, but will she take it? (FOREVER, Jun., 688 pp., $7.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith