Gambler and bounty hunter Joseph Raven is hot on the trail of a long lost heiress when he meets his match in a gambler's daughter, Charm Fergusson.

Charm has known only Jude Fergusson as a father and she will not, cannot believe Raven's claims that she is Chantilly Grady, the St. Louis heiress. But Raven, his facts verified about her identity, drags her to St. Louis in order to claim his reward.

Charm combats him, continually escaping and argues that he's made a big mistake. Yet when she accidentally wounds Raven, Charm helps care for his injury and her fear of Raven dissipates, replaced by a growing love.

A surprise shot-gun wedding, a stunning revelation and a dark mystery from the past collide to bring Charm and Raven face to face with the truth.

THE GAMBLER captures your attention from page one with its snappy dialogue, intriguing characters and clever plot. Here is one western with a twist you won't want to miss. SWEET (Nov., 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin