The last volume in Gayle Wilson's Heart Trilogy places a wary French gambler and a stunning English beauty in a high-stakes game where love is the winner.

Lady Madeline Fairchild has never stopped dreaming of the mysterious, scarred stranger she met at a posting house. When her wastrel brother Harry loses everything in a card game, he pleads with Madeline to clear his debts by marrying his nemesis, Jean-Luc.

Discovering that Jean-Luc is her dream lover, Madeline enters into the marriage with secret joy. Jean-Luc has many reasons not to trust his beautiful wife, but he begins very tenuously to rely on the love she gives so freely.

But Madeline's brother will not rest until he has reclaimed his honor and his fortune. Once more Madeline fears that everything she loves will be taken away unless she can stop a killer on the loose, but at what price?

In THE GAMBLER'S HEART, readers will find that Gayle Wilson has penned a strong story with a kissable hero. SENSUAL (Jan., 347 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin