The Elizabethan era was one of intrigue, brimming over with plots, schemes, treason and rebellion, a time and place where almost everyone was part of a dangerous game. Into this competition comes innocent Katherine Fitzgerald, on her way home from a French convent when her ship is captured by the notorious golden-haired pirate, Liam ONeill.

Half English nobleman and half Irish savage, Liam plays at treachery and deceit with a boldness that intrigues Queen Elizabeth, but by abducting her enemys daughter he places them all in an interesting predicament.

Stunned to find that her father has been charged with treason and has lost his title and lands, Katherine throws herself at the Queens mercy. Feeling benevolent, yet suspicious of Katherines motives, Elizabeth arranges her marriage to one of her courtiers. No one counts on the fiery love/hate attraction between Liam and Katherine that provokes him to kidnap her on her wedding night.

Sworn to help his countrymen, Liam toys with double and triple loyalties, plotting to help the Queen, Katherines father, and Ireland. However, his overriding passion for Katherine jeopardizes his game plan and her daring scheme to rescue him places them all in peril.

Complex, enthralling, boiling over with sexual tension and simmering intrigues, THE GAME is whats best in historical romance. Brenda Joyce merges historic and fictitious characters with such panache that readers are consumed by their soul searing passions, their fears and the politics that rule their lives. If you crave a rich, exciting, sensual love story then satisfy your urges with this masterpiece of historical romance. SPICY (Mar., 467 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin