"Why does it have to be him?" Chastity Ambrose thinks as she faces ex-fiancé Seth Allen across the television stage of Voyeur II/i>--a sexually explicit game show in the year 2106. She needs the $100 million prize to free her mom, but from the look in Seth's eyes, she will first have to survive his revenge for leaving him at the altar.

Having rigged the show, Seth knows Chastity is to be his TV opponent. He has alternately wanted either to strangle her or bed her since she walked out on him. Now he will get his revenge through the master-and-slave scenario the producer has cooked up: Chastity has to obey his every command for a week in order to win. But he is determined that she won't.

This is a long, fully plotted futuristic story filled with explicit BDSM scenes and multiple-partner sex. Chastity is a hot-headed woman who doesn't take happily to the slave persona she must adopt; Seth feels both anger and tenderness toward her. Strong-willed secondary characters add sexual sizzle, while the peaceful setting of Ecstasy Island directly contrasts the roiling emotions of Chastity and Seth. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Paige