Image of The Game and the Governess


Image of The Game and the Governess

Noble calls her love and laughter romance a blending of Trading Places and Pride and Prejudice. With its refreshing style and wit, one could add a Shakespearean comedy to the list. Writing from a male point of view, Noble presents an entirely different way of seeing a romance evolve, as a rather vapid young man becomes a hero. The charming characters will sweep readers away into the story.

Ned, Earl of Ashby, an uncomplicated, happy-go-lucky young man, enters into a wager with his friend and secretary, John Turner. He wants to prove that women are just as attracted to him as a person as they are to his wealth and title. Enter Phoebe Baker, a lady reduced by circumstances to take a position as a governess. Phoebe is immune to Ned’s charm; she has her secrets to keep. As Ned woos Phoebe, he realizes how much of life he has never seen. Ned pulls out all the stops to rescue the woman he has come to respect and love. (POCKET, Jul., 432 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin