When Suzannah Hennesey asks her uncle, proprietor of the marriage brokerage the Happily Ever After Co., to find husbands for herself and her half-sister, she never intends to end up with the man who broke her heart.

Using an alias, Aengus Yates sends for a bride. No one is more shocked than he when it turns out to be Suzannahs sister Megan, or that Suzannah accompanies her. But Megan has fallen in love on her journey there with fellow passenger Ben Steele, leaving Aengus without a mother for his sons.

Suzannah has been in love with Aengus for years and when his wife needed help she became the boys surrogate mother. Though she doesnt trust Aengus, she proposes they marry for the boys sake.

But Aengus wants a real marriage and tempts and teases Suzannah into his bed. Now her job is to rebuild the trust she and Aengus once had and create a family.

The rare beauty of A GAME OF HEARTS, first in the Happily Ever After Co. series, is the emotional rebuilding of the relationship between father and son. Cute and funny, with delightful banter, this simple and conflict-free story still pulls at your emotions. SENSUAL (Sep., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin