While the faux-marriage set-up is certainly nothing new, Erickson manages to create two characters with tons of chemistry, breathing life into a sometimes overdone plot. The sexual tension is there from the very beginning, as Sheridan and Jared have a combustible one-night stand. Forcing them into a celibate pretend relationship afterward keeps sparks flying while still giving them enough time to develop a believable relationship. Minor characters are fleshed out enough to give readers something to look forward to as this series continues, but the focus stays on Jared and Sheridan and their delicious, swoony romance.

Sheridan is a struggling artist who never dreams that her chance meeting with star quarterback Jared Quinn will end in a one-night stand. So imagine her surprise when the team's publicist comes to Sheridan the next day and asks her to pretend to be Jared's wife for a year to clean up his womanizer image. Sheridan agrees to the contract, but only if there's no sex involved. She believes that by not being intimate, she'll be able to protect herself. But living with someone she finds herself falling more for each day — and wanting more each day — is more difficult than she'd anticipated, especially when outside pressures take their toll. (ENTANGLED PUBLISHING, Jan., dl., $2.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Cyndy Aleo