Lilith Mallory had nothing to lose by returning to London to open a gambling house. After all, her reputation could hardly be damaged more than it already is. Sent to Italy after being caught in a compromising situation, she had waited in vain for her love to come for her.

Lilith can't believe her eyes. It is Gabriel Warren, the Earl of Angelwood and the man who ruined her, here in her club. Gabriel is prepared for her indignation and a slap to his face and doesn't flinch. He just says, "Hello, Lil. Nothing to say?" It has been 10 years, what should she say? And what is he after? As a powerful member of the ton, Gabriel could use his position to close her establishment and ruin everything she has worked for.

Kathryn Smith writes a highly enjoyable romp. The double entendres add wit and the sexual tension runs high in a tale that is sure to satisfy Regency readers. Sensual. (Jul., 376 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gabrielle Pantera