Image of Games of the Heart (Kimani Romance)


Image of Games of the Heart (Kimani Romance)

GAMES OF THE HEART (4.5) by Pamela Yaye: Manager Sage Collins needs a big break to further her career. She's determined to get high school superstar Khari Grant signed to an exclusive contract and straight into the NBA. No one else has been able to get past Khari's dad, Marshall, who's dead set on his son going to college. Sage worms her way into Marshall's and Khari's hearts by pretending to be a representative of a social services agency. A page-turner from start to finish, the story pulls on the heart as Marshall discovers Sage's duplicity and his trust disintegrates. Riveting characters and a true development of their relationship makes for a great story.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims