After being rebuffed by the woman he'd hoped to marry, Lord Ryderbourne rescues a battered woman from a boat drifting near shore. He warms her with his body, wraps her in his arms and carries her to an inn.

Miracle Heather isn't sure she wants to be saved. She's hiding something and realizes Ryder is a man who might uncover her secret. A skilled courtesan, Miracle knows only one way to repay Ryder--to seduce him. But after one night of exquisite passion, she leaves.

Ryder isn't about to relinquish Miracle and searches until he finds her. Together, they travel north as partners, not lovers, meeting old friends, a traveling troupe of players and their enemies. Ryder begins thinking about what he wants, what he needs and how he can make Miracle a part of his dream. But first they must vanquish the man who will resort to murder to make sure the truth is hidden.

Carefully constructed and beautifully written with intelligent characters, sprightly dialogue, clever plotting, smoldering passion and an insightful glimpse into the human heart, this book is one of Ross's finest novels. You'll be captivated from page one and kept wondering how far Ryder and Miracle will go to defeat evil and make a relationship between a future duke and a lady of the night work. SENSUAL (Nov., 320 pp., $13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin