Image of A Gangster and A Gentleman


Image of A Gangster and A Gentleman

Readers are treated to a twofer in this sexy and riveting read. “I Need a Gangster” by Swinson is shades of Waiting to Exhale with an evil twist. In Diamond’s “Gentlemen Prefer Bullets,” Eli is asked to go to Los Angeles to protect Blake, the daughter of his gang’s leader. Sparks fly between both couples, combusting in explosive heat.

In “I Need a Gangster,” Melody Goldman is living the high life as the wife of a high-powered attorney, until her husband walks out on her, using their prenup to leave her destitute. After months of mourning she hooks up with “Lil Man” Scotty and realizes she might have met the instrument of her revenge. As a child, Eli watched his entire family get gunned down by a rival gang, barely surviving the onslaught himself in Diamond’s “Gentleman Prefer Bullets.” Rescued and taken in by his father’s gang leader, Mafia Don, he grows up as a soldier in the gang. When the don’s daughter is put on a hit list, he is sent to Hollywood to protect her. (DAFINA, Oct., 320 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie Frohberg