Image of Garden of the Moon


Image of Garden of the Moon

This tale of reincarnation has well-drawn characters that are cast into a battle of good versus evil. The story moves quickly toward the happily ever after, but some of the timelines are out of synch, which disrupts the flow.

Sara Wade sees ghosts. Her father understands, but her mother is less than supportive and sees her daughter as an embarrassment. When Sara inherits her grandmother's plantation, Harrogate, she goes with her parents' blessing. Upon her arrival, she welcomes the opportunity to restore the old house but discovers there are spirits who reside within. One is her destiny -- a man from another lifetime who claims to love her. The other is pure evil and is determined to destroy that love.

Once Sara meets Jonathan Bradford, or his specter, he's able to convince her she's the Maddie Grayson in the diary she found. It enables her to travel back to 1805, the year it was written -- and the year he died. Can she save him from an untimely death? (MEDALLION, Dec., 324 pp., $7.95)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown