Attorney Madelyn Phillips has dreamed about a trip to Scotland for years; unfortunately, things haven't turned out exactly as planned. She was supposed to honeymoon in the Scottish Highlands with her new husband, Bentley Taylor III. That was before Bentley dumped her just weeks prior to their wedding, stole her clients and her money, and got her fired. Livid, Madelyn takes the trip anyway.

Upon arriving at a small highland inn, Madelyn learns that Bentley has shown up and taken her reservation. He says he's had second thoughts and wants them to share this trip together. Feeling sorry for poor Madelyn, the innkeeper lets her stay in a small unused room.

Patrick MacLeod has much to regret in his past—and since he was born in 1285, that past is extensive. Since his family discovered the secret to time-travel they've decided to settle in the 21st century. Patrick and Madelyn's first meeting is not auspicious, as Patrick snarls and snaps at her. However, once Patrick learns of Madelyn's predicament with the idiotic Bentley, he offers to show her around. Madelyn senses Patrick hides deep secrets, but she has no idea just how deep.

It takes real talent to seamlessly blend humor, adventure, passion and the paranormal, and author Lynn Kurland succeeds brilliantly. Add this one to your must-read list. (Sep., 432 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith