Laurel Bancroft has shut herself away since the death of her husband years before. Her mother-in-law has always accused her of killing her son, but the sheriff believed that when he ran behind her car, she couldn't help but hit him.

Then one day, Alec Stanton shows up and she hires him to work on the house and gardens. Alec's come to town with his dying brother Gregory and carries secrets he longs to forget. The attraction between them is immediate, but he is ten years younger than she is, and their pasts are working against them.

Laurel's family browbeats her about this younger man, and about changes she tries to make around the house. They've kept her steeped in guilt for years and are not ready to release her from the burden. Dangerous things begin occurring around them. Someone is determined to keep them apart and to force Laurel back into her seclusion.

Full of passion, secrets, taboos and fear, GARDEN OF SCANDAL will pull you in from the start as you work to unwind the treachery and experience the sizzle. (May, 384 pp. $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson