Though the relationships among the inhabitants of Angel’s Bay can be confusing, they are also intriguing and make for fascinating, interesting stories. The touch of paranormal in the form of a cameo appearance by a ghost is delightful, the romance heartwarming and the secondary mystery is nicely done.

Charlotte Adams is usually an optimist, but the past few hectic weeks have left her restless on New Year’s Eve. She loves being an ob/gyn, but her love life is the pits, even though she has the interest of Rev. Andrew Schilling, and chief of police Joe Silveira. Of the two, it’s recently divorced Joe who gets her hot and bothered. But being with Joe is complicated and she’s not sure she can forgive Andrew, who cheated on her in the past. She’ll have to make peace with her past before moving into the future with either man. (POCKET STAR, Oct., 368 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley