Image of In the Garden of Sin (The Hidden Grotto Series)


Image of In the Garden of Sin (The Hidden Grotto Series)

Burton's command of language is most impressive, particularly the 17th-century prose and dialogue. Even with the supernatural elements, both stories are grounded in reality, manifest in the honest emotions of each character. The storylines are compelling, the second slightly more so than the first, with warm humor and pleasing plot twists. The erotic component of each story is irresistible, sometimes even tender. You won't want to miss this book.

The fourth book in Burton's Hidden Grotto series contains two novellas featuring characters familiar to readers who have enjoyed the previous installments. (Newcomers might get hung up on some details but not enough to spoil the experience.) "The English Courtesan" is the memoir of a woman who sought access in the 17th century to an exclusive, elite school for courtesans –– but not for the reason you might think. "Hunger" tells the tale of two vampires in the 21st century who lust both sexually and bloodwise after the unattainable, and the lengths each will go to indulge their desires. (BANTAM, Jul., 312 pp., $15.00)
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Michelle Wiener