Maddie Campbell and the women of Edenville are left widowed and penniless after a mine explosion kills their men. They get their revenge against the ruthless mine owners by robbing them Robin Hood-style.

In retaliation, the owners hire ex- U.S. Marshall Scott McSween to catch the outlaws. Maddie decides to throw McSween off their trail by gaining his trust, seducing him and sending him on his way. That should be easy, but Scott's kindness to her daughter steals her heart and throws her straight into his arms.

McDavid's poignant tale portrays the realities of the west and the strength of the women who helped build this country. The bonds of friendship and love give her story depth, compassion and vibrancy. You'll cheer on Maddie and Scott as they confront the truth and seek justice. SENSUAL (Apr., 380 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin