Aurora is a breeder for the Federation's decimated population on Earth. And the news she receives will change her forever. In two weeks, she is to become a mindless sexless drone. Never having had sex with a human male before, Aurora makes the most of her last opportunity and takes a trip to the Gates of Hell, a resort located on the planet Obsidian, that caters exclusively to its guests' desires.

Aurora meets Brad, her master, a virile human who not only dominates her pleasures but shares with her a secret that could help her escape the Federation's ultimate decision concerning her future.

While the author offers the requisite hot sex, Gates of Hell suffers a severe lack of character development. Aurora and Brad are devoid of personality and as a result, there's a lack of emotional tension and love. Combined with a story that doesn't feel finished, Jacobs' interesting premise is not explored to its full potential. (dl $4.95)
Reviewed by: 
Charlene Alleyne