Sarah Lansing got in over her head when she agreed to help a black prostitute accuse five Seattle police officers of rape. Her sense of justice wants the five prosecuted, but their sense of self-preservation leads to her clients death and her false arrest for drug possession.

Out on bail awaiting her trial, Sarah decides to write a book about corrupt cops. After shes harassed by the police force and her detective boyfriend dumps her, Sarah jumps at the offer to travel to a writers colony on a remote island.

The eclectic group of women gathered on the island seem to have little in commonor so they say. An earthquake unearths secrets and lies and the women soon realize they are trapped and in danger. Sarah doesnt know who to trust and as their number begins to dwindle, its unclear if anyone will make it off the island alive.

Told in first person, GATHERING LIES has a modern gothic feel to it. Although some of the twists and turns seem a little contrived, the story is told in many layers and manages to all come together surprisingly well in the end.(Apr., 408 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson