Image of Gemini Heat (Black Lace)


Image of Gemini Heat (Black Lace)

Da Costa's book is just what the title implies: hot, hot, hot, pure erotic indulgence. It's fast paced and interesting to see two different people become one. It's not for everyone, though, as it contains elements of SandM.

Delia Ferraro sends her identical twin, Deana, to take her place at an exhibit of erotic art owned by Jackson de Guile, who also owns the company she works for. But Delia doesn't know that Deana had sex with Jackson, who has the money to indulge his every whim, and right now his whim is Dee. Since the sisters started their little game pretending to be one person, they must carry it through. Will Jackson find out that there are two Dees? (Black Lace, Jun., 252 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager