Image of Generation V


Image of Generation V

At last, the millennial generation has a vampire to call its own. Brennan’s debut blends old-world mystique and the brutality of literature’s best vampires to make a sensational coming-of-age story rife with chills and smart one-liners. Her hero’s snarky cynicism conceals a heart of gold that will win over readers as quickly as it does his quirky sidekick. Fort’s determination to survive the violent vampire world and the disappointments of a mortal’s existence make him a character strong enough to carry this promising series with ease.

Fortitude Scott isn’t exactly living the American dream — he spends his days pouring bad coffee and his nights with a roommate who refuses to pay his rent. Even worse, Fort is a vampire who has yet to mature into his powers, despite being the progeny of one of the country’s oldest, most powerful vampires. But when a new vampire pays a visit and young girls go missing, Fort is the only person capable of saving them. With beautiful and wily shapeshifter Suzume Hollis as his only backup, Fort may finally have the chance to prove himself to his family — or die trying. (ROC, May, 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown