While there are several coincidences in the book that may stretch readers’ suspension of disbelief, the characterization of the protagonist is spot on. Kathleen is a scientist looking to advance modern medicine and has no idea that her findings could actually lead to the destruction of mankind. She spends most of her time confused by the situation evolving around her. There are no superhuman antics here, just a normal person trying to do what is best while bullets fly, fires spark and kidnapping is a very real threat. These thrilling aspects are tempered by large sections of scientific talk that gives the story a very realistic feel.

Biologist Dr. Kathleen Sainsbury never imagined how successful her experiments at altering the genetic makeup of fruit flies would be. She has devoted her life to discovering the longevity gene in these insects in hopes to find a similar gene in humans. To her shock, Kathleen actually finds the correct manipulation in the human DNA sequence that will allow people to live for hundreds of years. Unfortunately this research plunges Kathleen into murky waters where science and religion clash. Tied to ancient texts and clues from the Bible itself, Kathleen must wonder what effect her research will have on the world. There are those that would use it for good, and others for profit and still others that believe that extending life is a sin against God. Kathleen is unprepared for the attention she gets, especially from the fanatics who want to destroy her discovery and the terrorists that will stop at nothing to get their hands on this invaluable knowledge. (HARPER COLLINS, June, 480 pp., $14.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne