A husband is torn between the love of his beautiful, intelligent and highly successful wife and the illicit love of a seductress, his sister-in-law. When Genevieve travels back to her native rural Southern community to bury her grandmother, she encounters family secrets and deceptions she thought were long left in the past. Her sister Kenya doesn't make the situation any easier by flirting with Genevieve's husband -- whom Genevieve never wanted to attend the funeral anyway. One of her biggest fears becomes a reality when they both realize that much of their lives is just a facade.

Dickey enthralls his audience in a sea of romantic entanglements and sensual liaisons that careen to an inevitable fate, all the while educating readers on life, love and history. The story moves from a posh Los Angeles locale to the cruel light of sun-baked rural Birmingham, Ala., and the sordid past buried there. Fans of Dickey will embrace this novel, and men and women alike will be caught up in the two main characters. Graphic sex is the prelude to unveiling dark secrets and the choice that so many couples face: to part or stay together. (May, 295 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
J.A. Crawley