Genie Knows Best is filled with mythical creatures, amazing scenes and well-crafted, hot sex scenes. Most readers will find themselves wishing for their own personal Khaled to take home with them. Unfortunately, the story itself is rather fluffy and the dialogue between characters is too “modern-day reality television” for the ancient mythologies those characters represent. It is a fun, diversionary tale, but readers might find it a bit too jarring when a pair of 1,500-year-old dragons talk to each other like cast members from Jersey Shore. A fun distraction.

Samantha is in the midst of her father’s memorial party — yes, party — when she discovers that her supposed fiancé has been duping her in the hopes of winning her bank account rather than her heart. Sitting down to read her father’s last letter to her, she discovers that he’s left her the contents of the secret safe in his office. Inside she discovers a magnificent gift indeed: her own personal genie of the Lamp. Khaled may have to serve Samantha as his master, but he is also determined to win his freedom. Will their attraction ruin their plans? (SOURCEBOOKS, Nov., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs