Abandoned in the desert by her husband while in labor, Melissa Wilmeth is fortunate to be found by loner Cody OFannion. At first taken in by the eccentric Alexander McMurdo, better known as Mac, she slowly heals her body and her pride.

Mac seems to know things before they are said and appears to have a glimmer around him. He embraces the young woman and her newborn daughter, Katie.

What Cody and Melissa do not realize is that Mac is a magician who has set them up to fall in love.

When Melissa regains her strength she offers to work on Codys farm to pay her keep. Cody is not used to such great caring and becomes increasingly fond of her as time passes. He feels protective of Melissa since he helped her give birth.

Meanwhile, Melissas husband has been found and has decided he wants her back by any means possible. When he joins up with an unscrupulous rancher and Codys cattle are poisoned, there is no doubt he means to wreck havoc.

A GENTLE MAGIC is a sweet tale of first love and although there are no surprises, the main characters are engaging and deserving of each other. Ms. Craigs tale provides good entertainment. SENSUAL (July, 360 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer