Rebecca Williams' life has taken a bad curve and all she wants to do is get back on the freeway to happiness. Her policeman husband, Michael, has been killed in a drug bust. Shortly after his funeral, she discovers she's pregnant with the child they had tried so long and so hard to conceive. If not for the caring support of a longtime family friend, Daniel Clinton, Rebecca knows that she would have long ago drowned in her lake of sorrow.

For his part, Daniel had promised Michael that he'd take care of Rebecca if anything ever happened to him. But Daniel also feels guilty about the feelings he has for Rebecca-feelings that lead to a night of torrid lovemaking. Determined to do right by her, Daniel marries Rebecca, hoping to make all her dreams come true. Instead, he finds their lives turning into a nightmare as startling revelations concerning Michael come to light.

In this novel, Rochelle Alers has written another enjoyable romantic tale of life, love and the search for true happiness. (Feb., 308 pp., $10.95)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson