Image of A Gentleman Always Remembers (Willowmere)


Image of A Gentleman Always Remembers (Willowmere)

The second of Camp’s Willowmere trilogy demonstrates her ability for drawing her readers into an intensely passionate and sexually charged romance. She pairs a confirmed bachelor with an innocent widow, adds touches of humor, blackmail and mayhem, and the result is a well-crafted, delightful read.

After the death of her husband, Eve Hawthorne eagerly accepts the position of chaperone to the Earl of Stewksbury’s American cousins. Unbeknownst to Eve, the gentleman she had a slight flirtation with is the earl’s brother, Fitzhugh Talbot, who escorts her to Willowmere. She must show Fitz that she is a respectable widow. Eve settles in as companion to her charges, but Fitz is a test to her emotions. Though innocent in the arts of seduction, Eve feels the physical attraction. It is not long before they discreetly start an affair. Soon Fitz realizes he wants her for his wife. When anonymous threatening letters arrive for Eve telling her to leave Willowmere, she and Fitz take action to see who and what is behind them. (POCKET STAR, Jun., 356 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond