On the phone, Maxine Bleckner's alter-ego makes men's fantasies come true. But in real life, Maxine is just a single mother trying to raise her son and pay the bills with the income of her small phone-sex enterprise. Everything is a routine for her, until one day the voice on the other end of the line wants more than a sexy thrill. He wants to…talk.

All that investigative reporter Harry Watson was after when he dialed Maxine's number was a juicy story and a fat paycheck to help him provide for his 3-year-old daughter. He never counted on falling for the woman behind the seductress's voice.

Original and fun, GENTLEMAN CALLER is as sassy and inventive as its innovative heroine. However, as much as I enjoyed the banter and chemistry between Maxine and Harry, the story 's fast pace and intrusive secondary romance prevented enough time for the reader to "see" the protagonists falling in love. (Dec., 302 pp., $6.99).

Reviewed by: 
Gina Bernal