Image of A Gentleman Never Tells


Image of A Gentleman Never Tells

Grey (Gloria Dale Skinner) combines wit and charm in another enchanting, delicious romance. With an added kiss, a thrilling hunt for dognappers and a cast of delightful characters, this is a story to sit back and enjoy.

When she discovers her sister is in love with her fiancé, Lady Gabrielle is determined to break her engagement. But her father will never allow this “business deal” to fail, so she courageously kisses the first likely stranger she sees — Viscount Brentwood, walking his Pomeranian in Hyde Park. When they are caught Brentwood vows to do the honorable thing: court Gabrielle and marry her. But that is not her plan. She wants no scandal and it seems she now faces disgrace; to top it off, Brentwood’s dog is missing. Thrown together in an unwanted courtship and a hunt for the dognappers, Gabrielle and Brentwood fall in love; which would be perfect, but for the fact her father desires she wed her former fiancé. (SOURCEBOOKS, Jul., 350 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin