Image of A Gentleman Says "I Do"


Image of A Gentleman Says "I Do"

Grey combines a rakish hero, an innocent heroine, the ton’s penchant for scandal and unconventional secondary characters in this sensual, charming and touching read.

The gossip surrounding Iverson Brentwood and his twin brother’s heritage is revived when renowned poet Sir Phillip Crisp publishes a satire that casts aspersions on Iverson’s family. He decides to teach the bounder a lesson. But Crisp has gone off to search for his muse, leaving his daughter Catalina to complete his unfinished work and deal with this aggressive, aggravating man. Iverson discovers he’s met his match in the self-assured and intriguing Catalina. As she sees more of Iverson, and things progress in their relationship, she knows she must tell him she completed the piece about his family but fears he will leave her when he learns the truth. But underneath that hard, rakish exterior lurks a kind, gentle and protective man who just might be able to forgive. (SOURCEBOOKS, May, 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond