Intelligent and blessed with a keen mind, Georgina Bellewether has a knack for solving mysteries. She is also, unfortunately, an accident waiting to happen.

The recipient of Georginas mayhem is Jonathan Everett Saxton, Marquis of Ashdowne. Both are in attendance at Lady Culpeppers ball when that esteemed ladys emerald necklace is stolen.

Putting her observations of the crime down on paper, Georgina narrows the list down to four suspects. It has to be someone young and strong enough to climb a building; the handsome Marquis of Ashdowne, perhaps?

Ashdowne decides that this beguiling creature needs a keeper and offers his services. While working together to solve the crime, things take a turn the moment Georgina reads an old newspaper article about the Cat, a notorious jewel thief.

Who is the Cat and what does the dangerous Mr. Savonierre have to do with Ashdowne?

Though a little predictable, THE GENTLEMAN THIEF is a fun read and Ms. Simmons has a delightful flair for comedy. SENSUAL (Feb., 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond