Image of A Gentleman 'Til Midnight (Hqn)


Image of A Gentleman 'Til Midnight (Hqn)

DeLaine’s dynamic debut is a high-seas adventure/ lovers’ banquet with all the drama of a pirate voyage and the passion of a battle-of-wills romance. Not only is the cast of characters superb — with an unconventional heroine, wounded hero and little Alice — but the adventures are exciting, the action non-stop and the love story intriguing. DeLaine’s powerful storytelling will keep romance readers enthralled. Watch for more from this newcomer!

Lady Katherine Kinloch, the infamous sea captain known as Corsair Kate, prizes her hard-won freedom and holds onto the dream of saving her family estate for her blind, half-Moorish daughter. Katherine is on her way back to England to claim her title when she pulls a man from the sea. Captain James Warre is haunted by his role in Katherine’s captivity. When James realizes the woman he wronged is his savior, he assumes another seaman’s identity. Katherine tries to fight her attraction to the sailor, but his kindness to her daughter is her undoing. When James’ identity is exposed she is torn between anger and desire. Katherine is determined to claim her true place, and their love will either be her saving grace or her ruin. (HQN, Jan., 432 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin