Claire Aldrich has been in San Francisco for three weeks trying to find her brother. With her funds running low, she decides to find a job.

Garrett Monroe, a wealthy banker, will do anything to make his ill grandmother happy; hell even go so far as to hire a make-believe fianci. Claire goes into a hotel and decides to ask for a job, but she walks out seriously considering Garretts offer.

Though skeptical, Claire agrees to pose as Garretts fianci in order to have his help in finding her brother. But staying with Garrett is getting more difficult for Claire, as being with him is heightening her attraction.

Then Claire goes to Chinatown to see her brother and she is kidnapped. Together, her brother and Garrett manage to save Claire, but a tragedy occurs that emotionally scars Garrett. Can love save him?

Rising star Patricia Waddell has penned a winner. A spunky heroine and a womanizer from different worlds collide and overcome obstacles to find happiness. The excellent pacing, strong characters and colorful setting combine to make Ms. Waddells second historical romance a sign that she is a talent to watch. SENSUAL (Dec., 348 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager