Veteran storyteller Martha Kirkland offers up a charming romance in which a young actress wins the heart of a wealthy landowner.

Robert Monford is in search of a womanthe sister of his mothers ailing best friend who eloped with a handsome actor many years ago.

His search takes him to the town of Gresham, where he discovers a beautiful young actress who appears to be the spitting image of the lady. Could she be her daughter? Isobel Townsend certainly does not think so and tells him that in no uncertain terms.

But the enterprising Robert is not about to give up on his mission and persuades her to visit his estate to cheer up his parents friend. Little does either one know that they will discover both danger and romance together.

Although the plot is fairly predictable, Ms. Kirklands intrepid heroine is a delight, and the sparkling interplay between the unexpected lovers will melt your heart. (June, 220 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer