This story is one filled with romance, humor and mystery, as a couple of newlyweds watch their dream wedding night turn into a nightmare. Priscilla and Sir Neville are a blend of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy mixed with an Indiana Jones-esque adventure. It’s a deliciously perfect combination. A solidly good read, with a compelling mystery that is very hard to solve.

Lady Priscilla is happy now that she is wedded to Sir Neville Hathaway. But they are waylaid on their way to the inn by a pistol-wielding highwayman. Neville, her husband, was once a highwayman himself and a member of the Royal Order of Outlaws. He already knows this beast of a man who confronts them. The adventure that begins is one of sheer mystery and fun, as the highwaymen abduct Priscilla in order to force Neville to come back into the fold and help them figure out who is killing the members of the Order. (IMAJINN, 2010, 216 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Amy Lignor