Image of A Gentleman's Offer (Kimani Romance)


Image of A Gentleman's Offer (Kimani Romance)
A Gentleman's Offer (4.5), the latest in the Black Stockings Society series, is excellent! In Dara Girard's Cinderella story, the heroine's wish to see how the rich and famously connected live comes true. The characters are real people with real-life problems and dreams of a better tomorrow. Pet stylist Yvette Coulier finds that animals are much more accepting of people. She meets wealthy Nate Blackwell, who's trying to escape the pressures of his life when they strike up a deal: He will introduce her to the wealthy and connected and give her the money to live as one of them for a time as he poses as her employee. As their fantasy lives take hold, they fall in love, but soon realize that they must deal with reality in order to be together.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims