Marcos gives readers another
taste of desire and danger, along
with an enticing adventure/mystery
in the second Pleasure Emporium
novel. Strong and likable characters,
as well as a unique setting, should
have readers longing for the next installment.

Wallflower Mina Halliday does not entertain men at the infamous Pleasure Emporium bordello; she lures them in with titillating letters. In addition to attracting clients, she wants to find the man responsible for her father's arrest for a crime he didn't commit.

Chief Constable Salter Lambrick is hunting down a killer. His one clue is a spicy letter in the dead government official's pocket. He never frequents bordellos, but the innocent barmaid, who is also the letter writer, intrigues him. Her intelligence, determination and daring add to her sensual appeal. Together they will clear her father's name, unmask a killer and find a passion neither expects. (St. Martin's, Jul., 380 pp., 6.99)
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