This story hits all the right notes. A blend of humor and mystery has the reader laughing and guessing till the very end. Watching the main characters, who are complete opposites, work together while tracking down a jewel thief and fighting their attraction to each other is a lot of fun. Readers are sure to love the charming hero as well as the self proclaimed “nerd” Maddie who finds her sexy side thanks to Fabian.

Maddie is studying a rare pink diamond while wearing a tee shirt that states, Geology Rocks, when a dapperly dressed Englishman breaks in her office to tell her that the diamond is about to be stolen. Fabian, the mystery man, is correct. The diamond goes missing and Maddie is blamed. After Fabian rescues Maddie, or more accurately kidnaps her, from the police, the couple goes on an adventure across Australia to find the jewel and discover the true thief. (CARINA PRESS, Mar., dl., $5.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak