A mother with a bruised face—who makes her living as an exotic dancer at a gentlemen's club—approaches corporate attorney Rachel Powers for help with a child custody case. She names wealthy entrepreneur Logan McCain as the father of her twins and claims that he has threatened to take the children. Although her tale and bruises are disturbing, Rachel's lack of experience in domestic law makes her refuse the case.

When the woman is murdered and the twins disappear, Rachel comes face to face with a desperate Logan. She quickly deduces that he's not the monster the young woman led her to believe, so she joins forces with him to track down the murderer and find the missing children. Their search for the twins puts them on a trail filled with dead bodies, a sadistic kidnapper and deadly sexual games all connected to the gentlemen's club where the dead woman worked.

Wayne spins a page-turning thriller with suspense that runs high from beginning to end and some wonderful and unexpected twists. Logan and Rachel share great chemistry, and their transition from cautious acquaintances to passionate lovers adds a realistic, appealing touch. (Jun., 320 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell