Image of Genuine Cowboy


Image of Genuine Cowboy
GENUINE COWBOY (4) by Joanna Wayne: Horse trainer Sean Ledger returns home to the family ranch after his father Troy is released from prison. He still doesn’t know if his father killed his mother, but Sean does know that the beautiful woman who is staying at the ranch is in big trouble. Psychiatrist Eve Worthington fled to the Ledger ranch because an escaped psychotic killer has every intention of seeing her dead. The only chance she has to survive lies on Ledger land. Sean may not want commitment, but he’s not walking away from a woman and child in trouble, either. As he makes strides toward healing his relationship with his father, he vows to keep Eve safe, no matter what it takes. Wayne drops tantalizing hints of the past and future, neatly wrapped in the suspenseful mystery.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper